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Small time bus dreamer

I don't frequent the London bus system much these days but when I do I often find myself lost with my head in the clouds. There is no place quite like it for dreaming. 
Perhaps the most eclectic mix of people; rich, poor, black, white, young and old,  each seat a vastly different life, an exceptional journey and that's just inside the bus.  As soon as my ear phones slot into position and the tracks start rolling my gaze invariably shifts to the window and the streets of this beloved city. I find myself one moment imagining what it would be to live in a penthouse apartment in Chelsea and the next how fortunate I am to own a car and some semblance of a privileged upbringing.
Zone one is the bus safari of this urban wilderness. Ride on the top and you'll quickly spot the big five amidst screams of unruly children and the banter of boisterous youth.

So ride the bus, chart this veritable landscape and dare to dream while you're at it.

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