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BALI My most recent adventure took me across the Indian Ocean and into Malaysia and Indonesia. I'd never been to either of these countries before so was super excited to explore and as usual had starred up my Google map, done a ton of research and was ready to go! Kuala Lumpur Malaysia This whole trip was initially planned as a good friend of mine was getting married in Bali - a great reason to plan a trip! The KL stop over was part adventure, part meet up with some of the others who were travelling across for the wedding. Here are some of my KL highlights: 1. Our accommodation: This cute home was open, light, well designed and it had a roof terrace. I loved the aesthetics and especially enjoyed late evening dips in the plunge pool!  Sekeping Terasek 2. Nasi Goring This became a firm favourite throughout the trip. Our introduction was in a small local cafe that my friend took us to. We stood in line and ordered with th

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